Mobile Workshop

Berlin (2010) 

During the one-year occupation of a pre-war housing block in the arts district of Berlin (Linienstrasse), the MMX gallery invited Professor Patrick Harrop (University of Manitoba) and myself to construct a 3-dimensional projection screen for their gallery and for the international media festival, Transmedialle. In this project the courtyard of the gallery became the site we wished to inhabit. The surfaces of the courtyard became the territories upon which a tensile membrane structure could be supported. The unpatched bullet holes from WWII served as anchoring points for the structure to extend from, and the windows offered possible vantage points for the multi-media projectors to display from. 

The structure was set-up through a series of pulleys and stretched into place through a planned and improvisational play of tension, spatial construction, and form-finding. The projector was positioned and framed to be captured by the unique boundaries of the fabric. The projection, preferencing the vantage point of the projecting device, allowed the spectators below to explore the range of incomplete and unresolved territories that were generated by the complex geometries of the fabric.

Project partner: Professor Patrick Harrop