Polycinema 01

Plug In ICA

Winnipeg (2014)

Based on the ideas of the Bauhaus artist, educator and theorist László Moholy-Nagy, the Polycinema attempts to create a dynamic and subjective sensorial experience within a gallery setting using multiple projected images and dynamic curved screens.  As a part of the SSHRC funded exhibition “Training for Modernity: Moholy-Nagy and the onslaught of the Digital” Associate professor Patrick Harrop and I constructed a work that merged the areas of our own research interests with the rich conceptual territory that Moholy-Nagy created with his previously unrealized proposal.

My work focused on creating the surfaces that the projections would be received by and the infrastructure necessary to support the projection equipment that professor Harrop installed in the work.  This included the construction of four screens reaching 20’ tall and the suspended aluminum beams holding Harrop’s projection ‘tower’. The screens were held by clear urethane armatures that were formed by casting into moulds created by digital modeling and CNC routed forms. Using these new tools we built on Moholy-Nagy’s belief in the utilization of the latest technology to achieve new forms and new sensorial experiences. These armatures were designed so that they could be adjusted, allowing us to deform the screen in-situ to create the desired screenal space within the tall gallery.  

The undulating pattern of the screens and ‘pin cushion’ form generated by the points of support allowed us to play with the subjective experience that Moholy- Nagy proposed in his description of the Polycinema.  


Partner: Patrick Harrop

Research Assistants: Jason Hare & Zoé Lebel