Physical Parametric Drawing Machine

Physical Parametric Drawing/Modeling Machine 

In an attempt to continue my research of fabric formed ice structures within the controlled (and more comfortable) setting of the studio, I developed this machine to simulate ice using wax as an analogous liquid-to-solid medium of simultaneous ranges of control and play. 

The metal base of this device (in red) is connected to heaters which can heat the surface of the table to liquefy a pool of wax. Using an assembly of custom wooden armatures with measured holes set out in a Cartesian arrangement, I have the freedom to shape a fabric model within the confines of the table, and using magnets to hold the fabric down and string to pull the fabric into a desired form, I can map the “actions” I took to form my result. 

After turning off the heat, the wax solidifies and the structure becomes a study model that was created using the position and directions of force that were used to shape it.

Using this information, I can recreate the same structure in both full building scale as well as in a virtual environment through digital parametric design software that can model the physics of gravity and tensile structures (i.e. Rhino). This machine is the basis for future research merging physical, digital, and analogical methods of constructing architecture.


Project Partner: The Creative Works Grant - the University of Manitoba 

Research Assistant: Zoé Lebel